Year of the Snake

cny snake

Happy New Year…Chinese New Year that is!

2013 is the Year of the Snake…so let’s celebrate by slithering into our serpent jewels!

Snakes have played a constant and mysterious role in fashion dating back to the Egyptian times. They have various meanings based on the era, culture and use so let’s check out a few of the biggies.

Cleopatra adorned herself with golden serpent jewels which represented her royalty….not to mention she just looked totally bad ass!

Let’s talk edgy…in 1839 Prince Albert presented Queen Victoria with a snake engagement ring with an emerald set head that represents eternal love…he is my kind of guy!

By the mid 1960’s the snake was back in vogue in an exotic and sensual way thanks to the premier of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor.

The big guys Cartier and Bulgari also play with snakes…

I have a few snakes in my collection but IN LOVE with Rachel Clinnick’s , from Thalia Jewelry, version of t he classic snake ring (lower right image).

Wishing You Prosperity,


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