Evolution of the Leg Warmer

legwarmersFirst introduced for ballet dancers to warm their legs to help with cramping muscles…but then in the 1980’s they became the “IT” fashion accessory with the help of a movie called Flashdance, the popularity of the exercise class Jazzercise and my favorite the recreational sport of Roller Skating.

They went dormant during the 1990’s and have reappeared in the 21st century and have been gaining momentum ever since.

They (not sure who they is) say if you wore the trend the first time when it comes back you are out…I say to “they” that rules are always meant to be broken and I am breaking this one. Loving my hand knitted  gold pair…thanks mom! ( yes I did wear them to work)

Even babies are getting in the game…check out the adorable pair by Orangeberry Baby…so young and yet so fashionable…Love!

Long Live The Leg Warmer,


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