Graffiti Gallery

graffitti gallery

From the walls of Amsterdam…

Not really graffiti if it is legal so let’s call it what it is…Street Art.

Amsterdam’s Street Art scene has been part of their culture that really started strong in the 1970’s.

They call themselves writers, taggers, bombers and crews …I call them artists. They come from all aspects of life ranging from the music scene, the skaters and BMX’ers as well as the fashion world. They express some of the most honest, true and accurate stories and statements that represent the city and the society.

Let’s talk progressive…Amsterdam has an amazing program that makes this art form a legal one by providing space to the artists as well as sponsoring them. In addition to providing space for their artwork on the city walls there is a program that commissions the artists to paint on canvas and then the artwork is purchased by museums…

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam make sure you take one of the bike and graffiti tours.

Power To The People,


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