Cartwheels and Splits



that’s how the Ultra Cool Chick Betsey Johnson ends all of her fashion shows.

Dress for your age they say…BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!  She totally gets that at whatever age we still want and should wear a tutu!!!!

At 70 years young she is better than ever and looks like she is having a blast.

In true BJ wild woman fashion her 2013 Fall fashion week show was OTT (over the top). It did not disappoint with Betsey leading a workout session with the models on the runway…she rocks! Also love love love the pink boxing glove purse…

So excited for March..the Style Network is launching a new reality show…Betsey and Lulu. It chronicles the life of BJ, her daughter Lulu and her two granddaughters…cannot wait!!!

All of this said the ever so cool Betsey Johnson is our second inductee to the Style WIth No Regret Hall Of Fame!

Wish I could do a split,


1 Comment

  1. Rachel Goings

    Totally dig the tutu, I will do a 5k on a punk tutu!

    Sent from my iPad

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