Haute Haute Halle


Art Deco, Studio 54 and a Space Suit had a baby and the baby was this FANTASTIC Versace dress worn by the always gorgeous Halle Berry.

nuggets from oscars

Other favorite nuggets from the red carpet last night…

Salma Hayek’s total look, the neck of the dress is so retro and outrageous I cannot stand it (in a good way).

Gold sequined arm warmers worn by Shirley Bassey…Brillant!!!

Go golden all the way…Catherine Zeta Jones.

Best accessory of the night…Sandy the Dog Purse.  Totally dig it Quvenzhane Wallis. Wondering if  I can find a chihuahua version…

Seth MacFarlane’s Dad Rocked his look…he wins the Oscar Style With No Regret Award. Go Dad!

Naomi Watts dress…nothing needs to be said just take a look.

Over and Out,


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  1. Rachel Goings

    If I can only have their body and boobs, I will be a happy girl……lol

    Sent from my iPad

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