Kick It


4 kicks

Some people call them kicks or tennis shoes or even skate shoes. I am old school I call them sneakers.

Totally dating myself but last time I wore sneakers as a fashion vehicle they were Pink Reebok High Tops…with scrunchy socks!!!!

Fast forward…this season my inner tomboy/ street style is coming to the surface. I am currently obsessed with sneakers and am planning the next pair I will call my own…the Leopard High Top Vans on the lower right will be mine.  These will look awesome with everything from jeans, to shorts and even dresses.

It all started with the Red Royal Elastics’ I picked up in China a year or so ago.

Then I asked myself what would I wear when I need to get a bit more dressy… Gold Wedge Sneakers was the answer…YEAH!!!!

Just for fun and if I am ever in need for disco balls for my feet these amazing glitter Vans arrived at my door last week…they definitely need some snazzier shoelaces.

Like I said I am a little obsessed with sneakers at the moment.

Gotta Run,


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