MuuMuu of the Month

march muumuu 3Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrocks, Pots of Gold, Rainbows and Magical Creatures that grant you wishes…sign me up!!!!

These magical creatures that grant us wishes are also bold in their fashion sense. Leprechaun’s sport their festive top hat, knickers and rock it with some signature accessories…a thick buckle belt and some bass ass pilgrim shoes!

Although I respect their signature look and always like a great pair of knickers I am going for a  different look for St. Patrick’s’ s Day. Debuting for the first time from my MuuMuu archive…the St. Patrick’s Day MuuMuu. A mossy/ army green structured base with intricate gold detailing makes it the perfect option for the day!

Long Live The MuuMuu,


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