90% Fairy 10% Human

90% fairy

True fact…I was told by a reliable source ,that studies the alternative universe, years ago that  I am in fact 90% fairy 10% human…totally agree but  I prefer the term Pixie.

My Pixie really comes out whenever I have a run…as you can see I was full on 90% Pixie for the Georgia Half Marathon and it was exciting to see some fellow Pixies at the start line…

It’s not just about the attitude that makes one a Pixie but the ever important uniform…

Standard Pixie uniform:

  • Wings (on back and shoes)
  • Magic Wand or Scarf if you misplaced your Wand
  • A Rainbow somewhere represented
  • Sparkles…lot’s of Sparkles

Any other Fairy/ Pixies out there???

Power to the Pixies!

1 Comment

  1. Cheryl

    Your awesome…. Makes me :))) smile!!!

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