Top Shop Girls

shop girls


It all started out with “do you like Taylor Swift”?

Instead of going down my normal answer of “I did in her White Horse days but not so much now”…I just answered “no, why?”

Was not sure where this line of questioning was going as I was checking out of a funky thrift shop that probably catered more to local college students verse my demographic…

That is when the Sophie and Ashley¬†officially became my Top Shop Girls…they were trying to figure out what shopping bag to give me. They custom decorate all of their shopping bags…GENIUS!!!!!

At this point I made them show me a variety of their creations including the one I ended up with which is totally interactive…it is like the flip book concept…see the two left hand images.

In a world of virtual everything including pinning/ tear sheets it is so refreshing to see the art of true cutting and pasting/ taping still out there!!!

Love the spirit and creativity of these Top Shop Girls…Go Sophie and Ashley!!!!

If you find yourself in downtown Charleston, South Carolina you need to swing by Exchange Frickin Factor on 283 Meeting Street.

Triple Heart


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