More is More…

rare bird

I totally dismiss the fashion rule of when you look in the mirror the first thing you see you need to remove…I come from the school of style that when you look in the mirror you then need to at least add one more accessory at best and then you are ready to rock it!

More is More… and no one defines this movement more than the most extraordinary iconic unique and fabulous Iris Apfel.

Iris, the Rare Bird of Fashion, is being inducted into the Style with No Regret Hall of Fame….

She layers like nobodies business…her use of color is bold and brave and her signature hair style and glasses just tops off the entire package!!!

At 91 years young Iris stays true to her style and never disappoints. Her impressive career has spanned from working at Woman’s Wear Daily to interior design and then founding and running a textile company with her husband for over 40 years. She now has a line a shoes and jewelry with HSN, check it out…

Love the Rare Bird,


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  1. Kristen

    So, just being introduced to your blog – Anne’s friend, Kristen :o) My Nana is 91 and definitely the stylin one in our family (my sister and niece to a pretty good job too). She is more subdued than who you have posted here, but always brings just that little extra something to the party that “finishes” the look.

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