Goodwill Hunting…

goodwill 1


the Sport not the Oscar Award winning movie.

Not to brag or anything but if this was a true sport I for sure would be on the varsity team.

The reaction when someone asks where did you get your…dress, skirt, shirt… and the answer is Goodwill it generally goes one of three ways:

1) “I love Goodwill”…and then you have a bonding moment around your passion for your common love of treasure hunting and share stories of your all time top finds!

2) “Cool, I don’t have the patience for that”…but they totally get it and appreciate your top shop.

3) “Eeeeewwwwwww”…they just need to get over it and go to the mall!

What I love about Goodwilling…the hunt, the variety, the price, the ability to take major risks with about a major price tag, the unique factor, the history and it gives back.

I wanted to share a few of my finds from last night’s excursion… I found some great pieces that range from cool metallic olive genie pants to an emerald-green cord jacket from Neiman-Marcus (Made in Hong Kong) to some beautiful tunics with detailed embroidery in metallic threads…10 new pieces for the wardrobe for $52.00….Score!!!!

Goodwill And Peace To All,



  1. Jennifer Wyatt

    Were you at the Gucci Goodwill, aka Buckhead? I was at the South Cobb Drive GW last night but was not as triumphant. Still, a jaunt through the aisles is like a little jolt of Prozac sometimes!

    1. I was…we need to plan a Goodwill shopping day soon!

  2. You know where I stand on Goodwill, love, love, love! Yesterday I was at the Beverly Hills GW. Found you a leopard jumpsuit without the prize.

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