Footwear Frenzy

footwear frenzy


Good Times…trying shoes on with a room full of friends that I just met…

I stepped into this shop/ vortex and who knows how much later I walked out with new friends and 2 new pair of shoes.

Being a vegetarian, who does not wear leather, makes finding cool shoes a challenge and comfortable ones are almost asking too much from the universe. So you can imagine my overwhelming excitement when I realized that the majority of the shoes at Charleston Shoe Company are veg friendly. That sealed the deal with me and then it was a matter of what shoe…I ended up with what I like to call my 4×4 Summer Sandal…they are rugged yet feminine in a total bad ass way…they can climb mountains with no issue and then turn around and  toughen up a sundress….Perfection!!!

Love their tag line…The Cobblestones to Cocktails Shoe…

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,


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