Shenzhen Style

shenzhen style

shenzhen style 2

I DOUBLE HEART; DOUBLE HAPPINESS the style in Shenzhen, China…yes people talk about Shanghai and Hong Kong, which no doubt hold major status is the fashion world, but I would NOT under estimate the style in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen has a fresh young new vibe that mixes sweet with street style…the perfect combo!!!

Three of my favorite fashion friends:

Lynn rocks a Casual Coolness look with an unexpected twist but is always tailored…in love with her skeleton ballerina t-shirt!

Sabrina walks the Runway Everyday and has mastered the art of pairing up amazing print combinations and colorful frocks!

Kathy’s signature look is a Feminine yet Fearless…she knows how to work this sweet yet sassy look!

Currently obsessed with these latest looks:

Dress+ Converse Low Tops = AWESOMENESS

Who Wears Short Shorts??? Everyone and everywhere…add a pair of patterned stockings(not tights) and you are golden!

Thanks Shenzhen,


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