hello korea…hello kitty

hello kitty cafe

hello kitty cafe 3

hello kitty cafe 2

I was walking around the Seoul airport to keep my self awake during a 5:30 am 5 hour layover and what did I come upon…A Perfectly Pink Pussy Cat Palace, a Hello Kitty Cafe!!!

Not only does is serve sweet treats but also has a visual timeline of Hello Kitty and all of her adventures since the late 70’s as well as an art galley. Who knew the great masters had Hello Kitty sit for them…what a true renaissance Kit Cat!

From what my new friend I met at the cafe told me is that the Hello Kitty Cafe in downtown Seoul is totally OTT (over the top) and a must see…

I have to say my latte was totally delish and the atmosphere just made me smile and kept me awake…

Goodbye Kitty, Hello Home,


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  1. I just passed up a Hello Kitty purse at a garage sale this morning. Who knew there was all that history!

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