Look What April Showers Brought…

april showers

May Flowers on Handbags…YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Floral’s are totally in this season and I will be sporting my floral fashion moments on my bags.

Here are a few of my favs from my archive:

Top left is an intensely embroidered rose bag I picked up at a small road side store in Tulum, Mexico.

Top right screams Betsey Johnson but I actually picked up this bamboo handled crocheted rosette creation in Vietnam.

Bottom left is a woven straw bag “by Cabana” that makes me want to find a cabana somewhere in South Florida and just chill.

Bottom right…last but certainly not least is my coveted Enid Collins “Flower Box” purse that was created in the late 60’s. Not only is this bedazzled bag beautiful on the outside, inside it is signed with a message as well as a built-in compact mirror…what else could a girl ask for!!!!

Carry On,


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  1. Those bags! Think that I need to see these in person…

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