Tropical Scented Shoes…

melissa shoes

not a typo a True Fact!!!!

When I was ten I thought that scratch and sniff stickers were pretty rad and little did I know that several years later that sticker would be trumped by the TROPICAL SCENTED SHOE….SWEET!!!!!

As a veggie I am also on the look out for non leather shoes…on a trip to Portugal I found a pair of black rubber ballet flats. I did not realize when I bought them they were scented. About an hour into our road trip I still smelled a sweet scent and could not image anyone’s gum could possibly still have that fresh fruity scent and realized it was the shoes…Hook, Line and Sinker!!!

I am now a Mega fan of the brand Melissa. This magical footwear brand is based in Brazil but can be found online and at specialty stores through the US.

Okay…you are now all asking yourself…don’t they get sweaty and stinky and the answer is no.

They are rubber, tropical scented and totally comfy…what more can a foot ask for!!!

These shoes were made for tropical scented walking,


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