Brimfield…Day Two

day two

part 2 day 2

Today is officially  “THE DAY OF THE MUUMUU”…I found my MUUMUU MECCA in Brimfield today.

My first purchase of the day was this KILLER Quilted House Coat, Robe, Pattern Palooza…call it want you want it is KILLER!!!!

This purchase came from Karen from Lala Vintage from Waterford, Massachusetts…she just launched her business a few months ago and was Great!

Then I met another super cool chick who is a partner of Swift & Faire out of Boston…Not only does she have an amazing eye for style she was also a Roller Derby Girl on the Boston Massacres….can she possibly get cooler!!!

Other than finding these amazing treasures meeting super cool peeps like Karen, Kate and Kate’s mom makes for an AMAZING day at Brimfield!!!

Wanted to share a few photos of some of my finds from the day.

Off to rest for day three,


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  1. bring me a muumuu! cotton, hippie, indian, bohemian, you know what i’m talking about! have fun and happy birthday!!!!!!

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