Flashback Friday

flashback friday

Put me in a time machine and send me back to the ’70s…or just go to Brimfield and find these groovy treasures!!!

No joke in fourth grade I sent my school photo to Shaun Cassidy as if he would be charmed by my 9-year-old self rocking the Dorothy Hamill Hair Style…

These headphones are the Old School Dr. Dre Beats…if you were really cool you would have a built-in radio and cruise around with your antenna up!

Come and knock on my door…and give me your Three’s Company cards. Mrs.Roper in one of my all time FAVORITE Fashion Icons.

Roller Skates +Disco = MOST FUN EVER!!!




  1. I have that Shaun Cassidy album…and the first one too.

  2. Jennifer Wyatt

    I am still traumatized that my cat threw up on my black velvet Shaun Cassidy poster when I was 5!

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