Rebel Soul

vivWho has used rubber, zippers, razor blades and tweed in their fashion line up?

Who has covered Teddy Boy, Punk, Biker and Pirate Fashion?

Dame Vivienne Westwood in Who!!!

Vivienne has been doing this since the early 70’s and she always keeps it real and keeps it relevant.

When she opened her clothing shop SEX in 1974 her tag line was ” rubberwear for the office”…SOOOO rad cannot even stand it!!!!!

REBEL+FASHION DESIGNER +ACTIVIST = Perfect Combo and has landed her in the Style With No Regret Hall of Fame!!!!

Vivienne’s latest passion in Climate Revolution…Go Viv!!!!

And the beat goes on!



  1. Jennifer Wyatt

    I have a wicked pair of her jeans with a lace pattern on them. They are so tiny I could never, ever possibly wear them again but I will not give them up!

    1. you are a rock star!!!

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