It’s Tiki Tuesday


It is that time of week…TIKI TUESDAY!!!

When it comes to creating your very own Tiki Room there are a few key must have’s to start the madness :

#1  Shag Print…bring the total Shag-a-dellic 60’s vibe to any room!!!

#2  Wood Carved Masks: start with one but then build out a crazy collection…BEWARE, this element tends to freak some people out when first encountering the tiki room.

#3  Kitschy Souvenirs, the more the merrier…we picked the painted coconut up on a trip to Grenada and then we acquired the iconic 0 Mile Marker sign from vacay a few summers ago in Key West.

#4  Last but certainly not least…THE SURF MONKEY!!! The Surf Monkey is an old school savings account for the SoCal surfers….the banks back in the day were only available around the SoCal/ Mexican border but now they are available at:

So IMAGINE, if this blog had the technology of “Scratch and Sniff” this would have the fragrant exotic scent of the tropical gardenia and then you would be totally Tikified!!!



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