Lavender Dreams…


dreaming of fields of the calming scented herb in the South of France…NOPE…more like totally digging Kelly Osbourne’s Signature hair color.

Everyone should have some “Signature’s”…Signature Color, Signature Drink and Signature Words To Live By…

Mine are as follows:

Signature Color: GOLD…and do not think I have already given Kerry, my hair stylist, the challenge of how to achieve gold metallic tips…still figuring this one out.

Signature Drink: Shirley Temple Extra Cherries.

Signature Words To Live By: Style With No Regret!

What are your “Signature’s”?

So here is to Kelly for embracing her Signature Color and looking AMAZING  doing so!




  1. Jennifer Wyatt

    Remember hair mascara? Dior had a great one in gold. OPI has a fabulous new gold nail polish based on the Bond girls. I can’t remember the name because I bought the Pussy Galore one instead.
    Kelly O’s lavender hair is gorgeous and reminds me of another lavender lovely: Dame Edna! Talk about a signature look!

    1. oh yeah!!!
      I need to do more digging around for a golden solve!!!

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