Favorite Fabric Ever…


for summer time to be specific….Terry Cloth!!!

My obsession with terry cloth started early on when as part of a fashion show for the end of the season of charm school (Seriously I went to charm school, Queen of Prussia Charm School) I was assigned the Teal Terry Wrap Dress with Platform Candies…eat your heart out peeps…it was a super hot look at 9 years old!!!

The wrap dress was my gateway piece into my terry cloth addiction….I then jumped into Rompers for quite a long time.

Fast forward and the ABSOLUTE LOVE for this fab material continues…I might have a few ponchos, some lounge wear and most recently have acquired the most fantastic terry cloth bag EVER!!!!!

The amazing news with this acquisition is I now have a new source…Fresco Towels.

Fresco Towels is a family run business based in LA and makes their product here in the USA…this brand opens up new possibilities!!!

Check out everything they have but LOVING the Ponchos as my next piece.


Deep Love,


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