Lanvin Love

Lanvin Love

Day Two of the 127 I was minding my own business sifting through a few tables of random costume jewelry in between the towns of Jamestown and Crossville Tennessee and what did appear but this teardrop of joy pendant necklace on a oh so 70’s snake chain…Perfection!!!!

I am a buyer of love and not labels but it’s always fun to see who the maker is of each of my finds. I was totally thinking this was a piece by Avon (as apparently I tend to be attracted to the jewelry they sold in the 70’s as well as the clothing fashions of Sears back in the day) so you can imagine my surprise when the marking on the back was not Avon but LANVIN!!!!!!

Yes that LANVIN, one of the oldest Couture Houses from Paris….At a yard sale…In Tennessee….AND $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So after I regrouped with myself I then promptly began to re sift through the table a few (or 20) more times to see what other treasures might be found. Still trying to authenticate the Chanel earrings I found…even if they do not pan out to be the real deal…this 1970’s Ivory Lucite Teardrop Pendant on a  Gold Snake Chain is the Real Deal and now has a home with me!!!!!!!

Loving My Lanvin,


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