The 127 Wrap



Here are a few final out takes from the Epic 2013 127 World’s Longest Yard Sale.

Always a good time finding the good find, meeting the amazing peeps and spending quality time with friends!!!

Things I learned on the trip:

1) there are TONS of poodle figurines to collect.

2) it is really hard to try on t-shirts over a muumuu…if you were wondering the shirt did come home with me.

3) a hat/ head gear can dress up or dress down an outfit QUICKLY!

4) I totally love fascinator’s and I’m going to make a true effort to make wearing one a habit!

5) ALWAYS stop at Dale’s yard sale outside of Frankfort, Kentucky. Two years ago we stopped and had a great adventure collecting old barn wood, riding on a gator (not the animal the 4 wheeler) and having Moon River sung to us. This year on our stop at Dale’s we ended up stumbling into a Great BBQ debate…the young lad Austin took on the seasoned Dale. Let’s just say I do not think there was a clear winner but  30 minutes later Austin agreed that Dale’s sauce was better but his meat was the winner…But what do I know…I was the Veggie Man out!  We then ended up in an off the yard sale path furniture warehouse (as Dale is in the upholstery business) and ended up with a Caned Lounge Chair from 1979/ 1980 from the Jackson Chair Company in Danville, Kentucky…$35 later!

6) the Bionic Woman had her very own line of Designer Budget Fashions.

7) and last but not least…Junk Yard Art has been taken up a notch!

2014 Watch Out,


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