Unicorns and Fish Gravel

how we roll

Style With No Regret is a Mission Statement, Motto, Bumper Sticker, Call to Action, Rallying Cry to embrace and celebrate your unique style.

This pretty much sums up my co-workers and the Fab and Fun interns , Natalie and Shelby, that joined us this summer for a summer of Style With No Regret! This is not something you can teach but something you are born with and these ladies were born with IT!!!

We are a herd of unicorns and as you can see by the end of the summer we had 2 more is our herd the galloped back to school last week.

If you are a unicorn or just want to try it out for a bit you can obtain your very own horn (hand-made in all colors in the rainbow) from Brooklyn Owl at http://brooklynowl.com.

As a side note the day of this photo I was wearing my pleated sunshine and happiness mini muumuu and a friend stopped me and said “take this in the best possible way, you remind me of my fish tank gravel.”

Apparently when she was a teenager she got to decorate her bedroom how ever she wanted to. She ended up decorating her room based on this super groovy orange and yellow fish gravel she spied out…how can you not LOVE someone who decorates an entire room inspired from fish gravel!!!

Style With No Regret and Unicorns and Fish Gravel,


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