Signature Hair



I am way toooo fickle and get bored way toooo fast but Love the idea of owning a Signature Hair Style/ Color. One day I might join the likes of the fab Gwen Stefani, with her signature platinum locks, or Anna Wintour, with her ever so manicured bob! It would make it less weird when I have to re introduce myself to business associates that I have known for years but might only see a few times a year because I tend to change often enough that they do not initially recognize me…who am I kidding, it’s kind of fun!

This concept made me think…if I were to commit to a Signature Style what would it be????

Drum roll please……and the Signature Style (at this moment) would be the Vidal Sassoon Nancy Kwan cut!!!!

The legendary Vidal Sassoon was truly an architect of hair. He revolutionized the hair of the 60’s…his style was where Mod Squad met Mini Skirts and then he added a pinch of Geometric Edge and Voila…Magic!!!!!

Vidal was one Cool Cat and cut the likes of Mia Farrow for her role in Rosemary’s Baby and the then model Grace Coddington years before her reign as Creative Director of Vogue.

So when the day comes that I decide I am ready for a Signature Hair Style I will look to Vidal’s famous Nancy Kwan cut (with a tad of the Grace cut) as inspiration…for now! Hair color still undecided, but most likely be a very unnatural color.

If you get chance check out Vidal Sassoon, The Movie. It is an amazing story that takes you from Vidal’s early years in a London orphanage through his hair revolution to his last years of life.

Oh So Fickle,


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