Happy Belated National Dog Day

dog month

Yesterday, August 26th, was National Dog Day…a day to recognize the love of your life!

If you ask me everyday should be National Dog Day…not to mention cat, bunny, panda and chipmunk day…you get the hint I am a super fan of all animals!!!!!

The dog companionship gig is a newer thing for us…these two lovely creatures came into our lives in the past two years and have changed them in the most positive way ever!!!! Both pups were adopted through a local rescue organization, which is the total way to go!!!!

Tonight we had a photo shoot that the girls found mildly entertaining…the girls I am referencing are Darcy and Pippy aka; Darcy Dog and Pippy Pip.

Darcy is for sure the diva of the two. Darcy is prim and proper and holds herself with grace….with the exception of the above minor tantrum, super models can be so temperamental…right?

Darcy’s look here is Parisian Rocker Pup with her skull and cross bone sweater and her pink beret!

Pippy is a tom boy through and through…this girl is rough and tumble and can hold her own.

Pippy is sporting a Uptown Girl Grunge look with her leopard print sweater and her bear head hat!

Check out the below link for National Dog Day:


In Love,



  1. Cheryl

    Love it :))

  2. Next to Yuba, Pip and Darcy are the best girls ever! They win in the style department!

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