In Protest


If I were a month I would be July. If I were a season I would be Summer.

So you can imagine that this time of year I get a bit cranky that my Signature Season is about to change. I have learned to appreciate the other seasons but there is nothing like Summertime for me!!!

The wardrobe flip will happen in the next few weeks and before you know it my sandals will be boots and my tank tops will be sweaters….

The missing component…a fall bag!!!

Most Fall loving peeps would lean towards a rich Aubergine, Mustard or Camel color bag. Not this Summer loving gal, I just could not commit to these colors yet…I opted for a Bubblicious Watermelon Pink Will You Be Mine Betsey Johnson Bucket Bag!

What’s not to LOVE???? Pink, Hearts (normally not a fan but double hearts these hearts), a giant bow, studs and chains!!!!

What season are you?

Hanging onto Summer,


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