Unicorn Will Travel

paris unicorn

Can I say Trifecta?

Oh Yeah…Paris+ Unicorns+ Travel Accessories= Unicorns On A Plane!!!

I’m getting ready for a trip to Paris and as fate would have it I have some new travel accessories to bring along….

My new eye pillow will not only take me into pure nap bliss and magical places with rainbows but I’m pretty sure it will also put a smile on the airline crew and fellow travelers as they cruise through the cabin at 30,000 ft.!

How could I pass on Enchanted Unicorn Bandages? My feet will for sure need some tender loving care and potential first aid after a solid week of walking the streets. Not only do these bandages claim to have been made with unicorn tears for extra healing power, they also come with a free prize…Bonus!!!!

Last but not least…trying to identify my luggage will be soooo much easier with my new suitcase accessory, a pink unicorn tag with yellow accents.

Flying High,


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