Triple Heart


Okay, get this I got to play dress up, participate in the local community AND do good for animals today…SCORE!!!

The last time I was in a parade I was 7 years old and cruising in my pimped out ride/ bike in the local July 4th parade.

I am just saying I think I might have found a new sport, hobby/activity…a Parade Marcher!!!

Rain or Shine, the show must go on! And it did rain and the show did go on!!!

How much fun…I was full on in my Candy Throwing Cat Mode for the Good Mews Cat Shelter.

So our Kit Cat pimped out ride was a red convertible Sunbird with whiskers, a tail, some posters and a Ton of duck tape….what can I say we a scrappy group of peeps!

Not sure who that crazy cat lady is but the gorgeous white kitty in the rock and roll pink sweater is Frenchie who is one of the fab cats at the Good Mews Shelter.

Meow Meow,

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