November Necklace Challenge


So we all have our “thing” that we collect, obsess over and love way too much for an inanimate object…my thing isn’t really a shocker…JEWELRY!!!!

I am a non discriminating jewelry collector, wearer, lover…but I do have a MAJOR CRUSH on vintage jewelry.

I found myself in a bit of a rerun episode of my jewelry box so gave myself the November Necklace Challenge…a different necklace each day of this month.

So this is where I stand into day 4 of the challenge starting in the upper left and then going clockwise:

1) in honor of year of the snake this slithery creature kicks off the month.

2) golden shield of awesomeness.

3) squared square golden treasure.

4) pulled double duty with a triple strand of crystal from my great-grandmother (Mama P) and then for bonus points added this Kenneth Jay Lane vintage deco piece that I got for my birthday this year from the May Brimfield Show.

Posting Daily Wears on Instagram…follow me at STYLEWITHNOREGRET,


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