Week in Review



Days 11-17 of the Great November Necklace Challenge…

By far my oversized Double Medallions were the hit of the week. I think the gold painted sweater might have helped this beauty get the extra attention.

To review the rest I will start in the upper left corner and go clockwise:

1) I totally channel my inner Cleopatra in this 1960’s Egyptian piece that I discovered at an antique show in Cape May, New Jersey.

2) Shanghai Express meets Wilma Flintstone…this chunky agate and brushed gold beaded bauble was a treat I bought myself on my first trip to China.

3) Oversized cloisonné beads meets up with amber agate to create this chunky choker.

4) Yellow, Orange and Gold= A Sunshiny Day!!!!

5) The theme here was Subtle Saturday…Hey J is a much more dainty necklace that I normally would wear but fit the theme.

6) To set the tone for a very Zen Sunday I sported this vintage Buddha that was a gift that came from Seattle….Ohmmmmmmmm.

13 days to go,


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