Shop Small


Shop Small and Buy Big!!!

I love the Shop Small Business Saturday but why just stick to Saturday…I doubled down and went for Shop Small Saturday and Shop Small Sunday.

Because I always like to add to any given event I added more stipulations…Shop Second Hand and Shop Local Artisans.

I would love to Show and Tell my Shop Small purchases but most were gifts so I cannot reveal…like any self-respecting holiday shopper the magic recipe is to shop for others and then add a dash of shop for self.

So here are my Show and Tell me purchases:

1) A cropped velveteen floral printed jacket. Based on the shoulder pad situation I think it’s a safe bet to say it is circa 1980’s….did I mention it was only $24….SCORE!!!!

2) No doubt when these Alex Coleman psychedelic printed wide legged 60’s pants were pointed out to me I knew from the very first second they were meant to be mine. I love knowing the story or people behind my vintage finds…these groovy pants belonged to Frieda the mother of the shop owner. Thanks Frieda!!!

Shop Small, Local and Second Hand Often,


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