The Final Countdown



The first annual November Necklace Challenge was a month of the tried and true and also a discovery of old friends…and yes I did just reference my necklaces as friends…do not judge!!!

The stand out piece of the week is a little number I put together myself. I took a few strands of crystals that I picked up at a flea market in Budapest and just added a chain for length….voila a vintage crystal neck decoration!

Starting in the upper left hand corner and going clockwise:

1) this multi-strand amber crystal is an oldie but goodie…and PS this at one point I considered an oversized necklace…my times have changed!

2) this statement piece is from the 1940’s/ 50’s that I got at a Paris flea market this past fall.

3) what to wear when I am channeling my inner elf…green chunky beads…duh!

4) this art deco necklace totally goes with my PJ’s..

5) Lisa Weatherby Miller is the creator or I should say co-creator of this 60’s Egyptian inspired extravaganza. Lisa has an amazing talent of taking vintage pieces and reworking them to create a new modern version of these classic beauties.

Any suggestions for the next challenge?

Well Played,


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