Sock Surprise

Sock Surprise

sock surprise two

Socks are for sure the sleeper accessory…

You can rock your funk factor with no one knowing if you choose , or have a pair of knee highs peek through the top of your riding boots as a tease or my favorite use of the sock is the Sock Surprise. The Sock Surprise goes like this…sport a killer outfit, you then go to a meeting, dinner date or party, sit down, cross your legs, your pant leg lifts up and your secret (or not so secret) is revealed…the key factor to properly execute the Sock Surprise is the ensure that the socks DO NOT match or coordinate in any way to your outfit and for a slam dunk a design or pattern that expresses the true you is imperative!!!

Here is an example of my Sock Surprise from today…these bad boy Chihuahua socks are in honor of my nuggets of love, Darcy and Pippy.

A few of my must have’s from one of my most favorite sock purveyor, Sock It to Me. Check them out:

Express Yourself,


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