Boot Cape


I like to think of these as boot capes or a boot cosy but the real term is Spats. I have to be honest that word grosses me out so I am going to keep calling them boot capes. Looking more into the Spat I found out that it is actually short for Spatterdashes, which is a much more charming Sherlocky Holmes kind of word.

Jumping into the time machine we find out that the boot cape was made popular in the late 19th and early 20th century to protect your shoes and socks from the outside elements. Although they were used primarily as a utilitarian garment they also were a sign of wealth and style.

Back to 2014…Pondhopper Junction is bringing back the boot cape is a oh so fashionable non-utilitarian way that is AMAZING!!!

I am a total lucky duck who received a pair of gold boot capes from PHJ as a gift this Christmas.

You must check out Pondhopper Junction for all of her amazing upcycled wares…not too mention her motto “no rules fashion” is a total Style With No Regret kind of POV.

Off to play in mud puddles,


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