Fancy Pants

fancy pants

Words I live by…When in doubt paint it gold!!!

These words used to reference my home decorating projects but in the past few months they have migrated over into my closet.

A few months ago I was in desperate need of a gold pair of boots so I took a can of metallic gold spray paint and in a few hours I had my coveted gold boots. They were such a raging success that led me to want gold pants.

This time I took a different approach. I wanted more of an aged worn look so I went into my closet picked the perfect pair of jeans and then headed to my paint stash and decided on Vintage Gold craft paint by Martha Stewart. After a few applications and two wash cycles I had the pair of gold pants I envisioned!!!!

To finish off the look I had a scrap piece of fabric from a dress I hemmed and voila I had a sassy sash…this is a total DIY fashion moment.

During the Fancy Pants photo shoot I was photo bombed by my nugget Pippy!!!

I heart gold paint,


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