Horse Play

year of the  horse

Today kicks off Chinese New Year…The Year of the Horse!

In celebration of the Horse I dove into my closet to find something Horse like to wear and to my dismay I had not a shirt, skirt, scarf or bauble that had a Horse on it! I had a owls, peacocks, unicorns, song birds, skulls and studs but no horses.

So with the lack of Horse inspired fashion I had going on I went out on the world wide web to see what cool Horse things existed in the world.

Found some OTT must have’s:

Let’s start with the drop dead dreamy dress by Giles…thinking this would make an amazing wedding dress!!!

Next is a Mid Century Wicker Horse Head Hand Bag….so in love with this perfect combo platter of proper and weirdness all wrapped into one.

Who doesn’t need an 8 ft. Full Figured Horse Lamp to create a house a home???

Here’s to the year of the Horse…Cheers!


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