Happy Heart Day

heart day

Today I am celebrating all things I love, here are a few from my love list…

Buddy, Darcy & Pippy, Mystic & Liz (miss you girls), my family, my friends, peacocks, owls, goats, chipmunks, kit cats and every other creature in the animal kingdom, Mt. Tam, hiking, Mexican food, 210 Lower Via Casitas, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Charlie’s Angels, Disco Dancing, Metallica, MuuMuus, traveling, painting, playing dress up, warm days, a blue sky, sunshine, Lentil (the dog), yoga pants, tutus, running, live music, NYC, talking, magazines, the Tales of the City books, glitter, green nail polish, farmer’s markets, mangos, the smell of fresh-cut grass and fresh picked tomatoes, giant sunglasses, icing, oatmeal, salted caramel, loyalty, compassion, kindness, rainbows, unicorns, gold anything, bubble baths, roller skating, 70’s soft rock, the Mercedes that Jennifer Hart drives on Hart to Hart, the ocean, collecting sea shells, the smell of suntan lotion (Bain de Soleil), being outside, doughnuts, flea markets, vintage jewelry, California, Palm trees, Mid Century design to just name a few.

What is on your Love List?

Love, Peace and Happiness,


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