Happy Happy Birthday…


to the One, the Only, the Sexy, the Glamorous, the Feminine, the Powerful, the Iconic…THE DVF WRAP DRESS!!!

You would NEVER know she is turning 40…40 has never looked so good. She still has her youthful, energetic, sexiness appeal that only grows with age.

Diane Von Furstenberg herself is total glamour and then she gave us a piece of the dream with the introduction of her iconic wrap dress 40 years ago. The wrap dress to me represents casual glamour that can take a girl from the office to the disco with no wardrobe change needed. The form is perfection and if it couldn’t get any better from there her prints take them over to the top…love, love, love her use of colors and patterns but when I the think DVF wrap dress I automatically think LEOPARD PRINT….MEOW!!!!

To celebrate DVF is launching a Limited Edition Andy Warhol Pop Wrap…short and long…I almost cannot even stand it is sooooo fantastic!!!!!

Wrapped and Happy,


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