Lentil Love


We are not talking about love for the legume but the love for the first furry and youngest Style With No Regret Hall of Famer.

We at SWNR are soooooo excited to announce that latest inductee to the Style With No Regret Hall of Fame…Lentil.

Lentil couldn’t be more of a perfect example of the SWNR mission statement of embracing and celebrating your own unique self and style!

Lentil is a French Bulldog who was the only surviving pup from his liter and was born with a severe cleft hard/soft palate, lip and nose. It was an intense rocky road but due to both Lentil’s drive to live and the love and dedication of Lentils’ mom Lindsay he just celebrated his first birthday on February 2nd…Happy Belated Birthday Lentil!!!!!

He is a Survivor, a Champion, a Home Town Hero from Philly, an Ambassadog for Children with craniofacial issues, and has fans all over the world that endearingly call him the Bean and themselves Beanstalkers.

His mission in life is to raise awareness for those with craniofacial differences and to teach us all to be kind.

You must read his story, follow him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and share his story with all.



An Official Beanstalker,


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