Girl Crush

girl crush

I’m just a girl who triple hearts a girl on GIRLs…

My triple heart status is really a combo platter of both Lena Dunham and her character Hannah Horvath on GIRLS.

Writer, Director, Producer, Award Winner keeping it real…what is not to love!!!

She = Lena + Hannah. She is honest, fearless and free, makes no apologies, a brave bad ass and a true Style With No Regretter!!!!

This leads me to the age-old question…which girl are you??? I know we are all our own girl…but play along with me for a few…

Each generation has those fictional group of girls that you can completely identify with to the point of which character you would be…

My list throughout the years look like this…

I started out like any all American girl in the 1970’s with the Brady Girls…I was soooo Jan Brady.

A few years later Charlie’s Angels hit the scene and I was no doubt Kelly Garrett.

Then I time warped a few generations and found myself as a combo platter of all of the Golden Girls….

As I enter my 20’s/ 30’s this “what character would I be” is not so straight forward so when Sex And The City presented itself I had to combo platter my character again to a perfect blend of both Carrie and Miranda.

I am now I am regressing in my girl group age range (they do say life is a full circle) and I am a total super fan of the show GIRLS and my character is Hannah…

What character are you?

Alter Ego and Out,



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  1. That is a great question. I must consider and get back to an answer. I enjoy the true unadulterated speak-it-like-it-is of Lena. She’s a masterful writer and director, not to mention actress. Triple heart too!

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