Haute Couture; Airport Edition


So I have officially been back from China for 17 days and have finally started feeling myself. Jet lag totally took its toll on me this last trip…but now back for the attack in a big way!!!

I was hoping to report back on the street style of Shenzhen…a very unlikely fashion hub but to me a very fresh fashion young urban street style scene.

Sad but true, this trip did not allow for any good feet on the street report backs, but don’t fret I had hours to kill in two fashion forward airports and have a few things to share…

The Seoul Airport is always a great adventure…last year was when I found the Hello Kitty Cafe….they made a mean cappuccino!!!

As a nod to the Kentucky Derby (even though I do not advocate horse racing but do advocate hat wearing and mint julep drinking) here is the latest in bad ass whimsical baseball hats from the retailer Hat’s On and the brand elstinko…how can’t you love this!!!

Which is your fav?

Home Sweet Home,



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