Have you been Tanged; Airport Edition

shangahi tang

Sounds like a personal question, right?

Well it is!!! But not the kind you’re thinking dirty birds!!!!

The real question is have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing Shanghai Tang???

What or Who is a Shanghai Tang you ask?

The Tang is a Hong Kong Fashion House that’s signature style if an amazing combo platter of colors that blend traditional Chinese culture with an updated modern 21st century vibe…YUM!!!!

I was introduced to this brand back in 2000 when a co worker returned with a gift for me from an overseas trip with the most beautiful shopping bag I have ever seen (sadly since they have updated their bag) with the most gorgeous scarf…so lucky!!!

It is a true fact that I am addicted to the Tang…I have not officially counted but I might have been to all of their boutiques in Shanghai, all but one in Hong Kong (including their airport location) and since they have been state side I have also played in their NYC location…

My mood elevates from blue / green to a hot pink ( on the mood ring scale) once I enter this fine establishment of color and design…

Check them out and get tanged!!!



Tang it,


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