Vintage Vera

very vera one very vera two

Happy Textile Tuesday!!!

Tuesday’s in the month of June will be officially Textile Tuesday at Style With No Regret.

We are kicking off our very first TT with Vintage Vera.

Not Vera Bradley and Not Vera Wang… but the one the only Vera Neumann.

Artist turned textile designer Vera believed art should not just live on walls but be part of everyday life and she brought it!!!

In 1946 she started designing placemats with a small silkscreen machine in her home which she landed her first order with B.Altman’s and then her brand grew from home to fashion.

A few fun facts…

Vera always created her art on a 36″ scarf and the designs were then translated to the actual product from the scarf.

Get your Nancy Drew on to identify not only if it is an original Vera but what era your Vera is from through the various markings that range from her signature to the iconic ladybug logo as part on the design, in the lower left corner and possibly a tag inside

Very Vera,





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