Trina Tuesday


tt onett three

California Cool, Super Rad, Mod Squad Chic, Power Patternist…Yeah I’m talking about Trina Turk.

No joke I get an instant contact high when I enter one of her fine establishments…and man does it feel good!!!

I am a vintage girl through and through…when people ask “where did you get that” about something I’m sporting the answer normally goes something like this…Goodwill, an estate sale (as a side note; try explaining what an estate sale is to your peeps in China…it actually sounds super creepy), thrift store, yard sale or flea market. It is rare that my answer is a current designer or retail establishment…one of the rare exceptions is Trina Turk.

In my hunt for my vintage treasures I sometimes think about what will the vintage gals in 2060 be on the prowl for, what will be that amazing find, what designer vintage pieces will they be coveting and there is no doubt one of those designers will be TT. In the mean time I will continue to curate my collection…pass the Dorritos  please!

Happy Textile Tuesday,


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