MuuMuu of the Month

maya mm 1maya mm 2maya mm 3

MuuMuu of the Month goes to Mexico and gets all Mayan!!!

First stop on the Mayan MuuMuu tour is the Unesco World Heritage Site, Chichen Itza. You want to talk old school…this ruin site which was at one point the largest Mayan city was established in 750-900 AD.

We then head to another amazing ancient Mayan ruin…Ek- Balam. The “Bright Star Jaguar” is a site that is a bit off the beaten path and is still open to walk up the ruins which is not for the light at heart…

Just as I was heading out of the jungle minding my own business I ran into these fine Mayan gentleman…perfect ending for a perfect day!

Have MuuMuu will travel,


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  1. Cheryl

    Awesomeness …. Can’t wait to hear :)))

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