Treehouse Life…Mi Casa

treehouse lobbytreehouse pathtreehouse night light

treehouse tub time

I just returned from the most amazing vacay…

Our latest journey took us to the town of Tulum, Mexico.

The vibe was perfectly me…I couldn’t have better scripted such a place, people, food and experience.

If I had to sum it up in four words they would be Modern Rustic Jungle Treehouse…aka; PERFECTION!!!

You know you are in the Modern Rustic Jungle Treehouse zone when:

  • the road to paradise is a canopy of all things tropical.
  • the lobby of your hotel only has one wall and consists of a few butterfly chairs and a surf board.
  • the path that leads you to your room is perfectly worn planks of wood surrounded by sand.
  • your front porch seating is a hammock seat.
  • the lounge chair in your room is a super casual chic comfy bean bag made of burlap and linen.
  • when getting a shower your view is palm fronds and blue sky and the soundtrack is chirping birds and the occasional cock a doodle doo rooster.
  • the street lights in the pm are hanging candles and tiki torches.
  • and last but not least (and in fact one of the best) signs you are in a Modern Rustic Jungle Treehouse is having soaking tub inside with a killer magical jungle outside.

Tulum is a must visit and Be Tulum is a must stay…


I heart Tulum,









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