Random Awesomeness


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It’s that time of year to recap some of the random yet totally awesome treasures found on the World’s Longest Yard Sale…The 127!!!

It was an adventure full of great friends, disco & hair metal sing a longs, amazing peeps, fab finds and dinner at Cracker Barrel!!!

Although we had grand plans of crossing many state lines the reality was we just tore up Tennessee…when you have a good thing you need to stick with it!

Drum roll please………

My 2014 Top 10 list of Random Awesomeness:

#1 VW Bus…peace, love and yard sales.

#2 Old School License Plate…loving the state shape.

#3 The Hot Dog Statue might be one of my all time favorite randoms!!!

#4 How do you get in touch with your Avon Lady you ask? Here is your very own Avon phone.

#5 Loving this mod ashtray…when ashtrays were considered home furnishings…weird!

#6 Willie Nelson…enough said.

#7 Scenic Souvenir wall plaques…still regretting I didn’t buy the box load…epic fail!!!

#8 Tootie from the Facts of Life roller skates

#9 The Finger…again a bit regret I did not make the $1 investment in this piece

#10 Strange but true…Salt & Pepper Shakers with Rainbows and Hearts on the that say ” The Power Plant”…HUH?????

Hope to see your on the 127 in 2015,







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