Hat’s Gone Wild

hats gone wild 1rerun hatraffia hat

I was so inspired by all the vintage hats we came across on the 127 I had to finally indulge which is a big deal for me.

Why a big deal you ask?

An embarrassing but true fact about me is I have a big head…not big head in terms of ego, I mean big head as in “one size fits all” hats don’t fit me!!!

I have had many embarrassing moments of loving a hat, trying it on and oh so sadly the hat would just sit on the top of my head like Mr. Potato Head…ugh!

So my first score in head-gear this summer was at the 127 when I discovered this What’s Happening Rerun Bandana cap and it fit …totally obsessed with it!!!

Like a true head decor miracle the next weekend we found another fitter…we found ourselves at an art festival and fell for a sculptural woven raffia hat by a local designer. Check her out:  http://www.fsallselection.com

The moral of the story is when the first hat doesn’t fit try, try again until you find yourself a super rad What’s Happening ReRun cap!

Mad as a Hattter,


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